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Widow's Walk   

A cycle of 18 poems, tracing a young mother's journey from grief to renewal.

No Light


There was no light in the window

as I drove into the lane.


Only foreboding dwelt there then

        and panic climbed the stair.

Only a cold wind opened the door

        and frantic cried into the hall.

        Hope echoed off the wall.

Only a deathly still hung in the air

        suspending time

        haunting, desperate like a prayer.


... no light in the window

as the roof came crashing down.


Only passersby to stare

        as happiness flew out the door

        and grief ran into the street

        madly tearing out her hair.

                                               © vmt

Ode to the Muse 

Mauve you rise, regal

from the velvet cushion

of your loam

foaming seat of passion

oozing resplendent

in your purple robes


Dripping ruby off the tongue 

you gush forth a wine

of longing 


vines entangling ankles

grounded, till now to earth's

per diem.... [excerpt]

                                             © vmt

Mauve You Rise    and other poems    

A miscellaneous collection of 18 poems whimsical, serious, and meditative. 

Wellington Beach and other poems

 A cycle of 11 poems relating to water, plus others about strong women

 and various art exhibitions at the Regent Theatre, Picton, Ont.

Heronic Ode


Perched on the dock  

melding with marsh cove

and water, sky

I scan horizon

spy a tic, a move

where three rocks lie

protrude above the surface.


Heron!        blue, it is

and powder grey

in profile, perfect head

neat, barely visible

silhouette in camouflage.


Arc of neck rotating, stretching

strains to listen.  What, to hear?

hum of earth, harmony of spheres,

wind shimmers, ripple wavelets

undulating lily floats

ruffled feathers, settling.


Heron!    ... [excerpt]

                                                 © vmt

First published in "And find a place to stand",

Hidden Brook Press, 2009

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